“You can't go uphill with downhill habits.”

-John Maxwell

Leadership Coaching Services

I am a Leadership Coach and Trainer. I help people get clear about their vision while exploring the gaps they need to fill in order to create the lasting impact that they desire to contribute to the world.

Individual Coaching

Personalized 1-on-1 coaching handcrafted to meet your needs. Are you playing the game called “life” full out? Are you progressing closer towards your vision? Do you want a coach who can help you have “results” instead of “reasons” in your life?

Team & Group Coaching

Customized group and team coaching to facilitate the intentions and mission of the group. How would you like to increase your fulfillment and achievement in life by collaborating with a group of like-minded, high-performing leaders who are also striving to become their best in their craft? Do you want to have synergy with others whom will fill you with energy and encouragement?

Speaking & Workshops

Creative Workshops and Speaking engagements that ignite the mind of the audience while inspiring them to take action and perform at their highest capacity. Let’s see what we can create during our time together, no matter the size of the stage, building traction and progress in your life on a personal and professional scale. Are you interested in taking yourself or your organization to the next level with engagement and satisfaction in the workplace? The focus of the Workshops is to create results through applying life-changing habits that serve you and others. Topics often include: Energy Leadership Series, Taking Ownership Series and Customized training to meet the needs of the audience.

Trusted Advisor

 I am a Leadership Coach and Trusted Advisor. I help individual leaders, teams and organizations get clear about their vision while exploring blind spots and gaps they need to fill in order to create the lasting impact that they desire to contribute to the world.

I serve as a “trusted advisor” to small and large organizations across the globe. As a high-performing leader working in a high-stakes environment, would you like help tapping into your team’s innovative ideas, while creating more synergy and increasing collaboration? Professionally, do you desire to upgrade your culture, up-level performance, and learn how to turn “problems” into “projects”? Personally, would you like to improve your well-being, reduce stress, all while having more fulfillment in life? 

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. –Paulo Coelho